Levers, Knobs, Deadbolts, Panic Bars, Storefront Locks, Desk Locks, Mortise Locks, Display Locks, Drawer Locks, and so on... We install and repair most locks you would typically think of when you call a locksmith. Our locks are competitively priced and we honor the manufacturers warranties. Labor rates vary depending on the type of lock being repaired or installed and whether the installation is new or preexisting. Our standard labor warranty is 30 days unless otherwise altered by technician. 


  >>We can open your residence or business door in a professional and timely manor. Proof of residency/ownership is required before or upon completion of opening.

  >>Lock-outs aren't limited to just doors. We also open drawers, desks, mailboxes, padlocks, trailers, etc.

  >>If your lock cannot be picked or does not respond to traditional bypass methods in a reasonable amount of time, we will discuss other options with you such as drilling and replacement.



  Peep Holes, Door Scopes, Sliding Door Bars, Mailbox Locks, Slide bars, Half Deadbolts, and Kick Plates just to name a few. We often hear, "Oh, I didn't know you guys did that". Well, we sure do, so don't hesitate to ask. We may just surprise you too.



>>Probably the most common reason a locksmith is called. To re-key a lock is to change the pins/wafers/tumblers inside a lock so that the old key no longer operates it and a new one does. Saving you the cost of purchasing a new lock(s).

>>To master-key a lock(s) is to re-key it in a manor that allows for two or more different keys to operate a single lock. Perfect for limiting access on a key level for businesses, maids, "latchkey children", house sitters, dog sitters, etc.

>>Large scale master-key systems, (more than ten doors), require a walk through, door chart, and planning consultation.


Installation of new door closers for left hand, right hand, in-swing, and out-swing doors. Surface mounted, concealed over-head, and floor closers too.

>>We also repair closers that are slamming or holding doors open, but note that the overwhelming majority of door closers that begin showing these symptoms without outside interference are usually beyond repair and instead require replacement.
>>We have the ability to convert your expensive concealed closer over to a surface mounted closer for easier and less expensive servicing with custom drop plates.




  Most vandal damage to doors is from an attack on the lock and/or a prying attempt on the door in the area of the lock its self. This can be repaired with a wrap plate and lock replacement, which saves you the cost of repairing/replacing the door.




  You may know what a padlock is, the wide array of sizes/types, and the many uses for it, but did you know that we provide padlocks that can be keyed to your house or business keys? So you can treat your padlocked area as if it is another door.


  Unconventional lock problems sometimes call for unconventional work methods. We pride ourselves on our ability to "think outside of the box" for scenarios that would've otherwise called for major/expensive repairs.



  From doors that drag on the threshold or frame to doors with failing hinges, bowed edges, or warped corners, we can repair your problems to get your door operating like it was brand new, or aid in replacing it with a new one.

  We specialize in continuous hinge installation for commercial doors and can help re-anchor your threshold.



>>...and just a friendly reminder, we no longer offer any automotive services. This includes lock-outs, remotes, and key duplicates.